Terrazza Bar Mara

After a long morning at the seaside, before freshening up in your room, where can you stop for a snack and a cold drink? After the last dive in the evening, before a shower and getting ready to go out, where can you have an aperitif with an excellent selection of local wines? At the end of the evening, before a well-deserved rest, where can you have your last glass in company?

The answer is always Terrazza Mara!

Our bar embraces Piazza Manzoni and is available to our guests every day, all day, until late at night. Terrazza Mara is relax, fun and sharing. It is the heart of the holidays for many of our guests who have relaxed at our tables after long days on the beach but also danced and sang at the top of their lungs during the fabulous concerts in the square (every week, from June to September). A place to shelter from the confusion of summer but also where to have fun and create friendships for long seasons!

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